Sunday, 3 June 2018

I'm Not A Goal Setter

A lot of people set themselves goals, and then you see people tweeting for help to reach these goals, but I'm really not about that. I don't want to be setting myself un-achievable goals, or any goals at that. The mind set of having to always be growing & progressing isn't about to be something I'm pushing myself to do. At the end of the day, I made my blog to fill a void, something to enjoy doing and I know for a fact that if I started to try and control this part of my life more, I'd end up hating it and that's not why I'm here doing this.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against people that are goal setters but its just not something I would want to do.
I like my blog being my little escape, I genuinely enjoy it. This was always planned to be a hobby, I don't think I'd ever go down the road of full time blogger because once something that was fun turns into something I have to do, the fun is all sucked out of it for me personally.

I know a lot about blogging is the numbers for some people, of course I love to see my following grow but I enjoy the interaction, being able to have a little chat with anyone, just the generally more social side of things. I've met and grown friendships with so many people just for taking the time out to chat, comment and actually reply to people in a genuine manor.

At the very beginning I set myself goals & targets and I monitored them for a couple of weeks, It quickly became obvious that I hated it. I was pressurising myself to be present all the time, constant self promo and a majority of my spare time was planning ahead. I hated it. I've found that I'm much more of a in the moment girl, if I feel like blogging when I get up then I will, if I don't really fancy it I won't. At first I was planning so I had a certain amount of beauty posts & then a certain amount of lifestyle each month so that it would be an even mix & I'll be playing to two audiences but in reality some months are very beauty based & some are lifestyle just because that's what I'm feeling at that moment in time.

When I very first started blogging I was catching as many chats as I could & slowly but surely a lot of their topics became goal & target orientated most nights & it became exhausting. Because I wasn't setting myself goals I couldn't quite fit in with the chats & when I was asked or advised to set goals I was repeating myself every time as to why I wasn't doing it. The only answer I ever gave was " I don't want to" because that is literally it.

It's so easy to put extra pressure on yourself while blogging, always trying to chase that next follower milestone by a certain date (and then having to ask for help), to work with certain brands within the year (just because its your goal doesn't mean it's theirs), to get to a certain view count (and again mention it & ask for help).
I personally get bored of constant self promo, if I go on someones feed & can see that they are tweeting / talking to people, then that's the kind of person I want on my feed & I think other people feel this way too.

Like I said, blogging is a hobby for me & something I enjoy doing. Don't get me wrong, I am growing but at my own pace, I'm not forcing myself to excel, I'd rather enjoy the moment.
Setting myself goals would completely ruin it for me, almost like I couldn't be excited about the next milestone because it was basically planned to happen.
Each to their own though!
Emily-May x

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  1. I'm not a goal-setter in any aspect of my life, I feel like it just leads to disappointment!! xx

    Holly |


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