Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's, Palentine's Or Galentine's.. I Really Don't Care

I don't want to alarm you, but... I hate Valentine's day (don't let these pink love heart pictures fool you). No it's not because I'm single, I'm also not bitter, I just think it's a bit of a bullshit day if I'm honest. Each to their own though, I'm absolutely not about to tell people they shouldn't celebrate it.. if they wana then cute, if not, cool.
I just feel like this day has lost it's meaning/ not sure it was really a necessary celebration, specially now as GALentines & PALentines has become a thing. You can even get dedicated cards ffs.

One thing that really gets on my tits around Valentine's is the amount of emails I get that are all along the lines of buying fancy underwear for your man (or just a bit of ribbon) as a special Vday treat.
Also, anyone else notice how all the shops are now a sea of pink and red? And that everything is in the shape of a heart? (or a dick if you buy your chocolate in the same place as your ribbon).
I got myself some roses about two weeks ago and they cost me a apparently they cost at least £30.
Basically what I'm getting at is how Valentine's has well and truly been handed over to the corporations. There's even special deals for the singletons now.
I didn't really know where this blog post was going but now its about to be a list of why I hate Valentine's day.

• Heart's everywhere. ( I don't need heart shaped crumpets)

• The pressure put on women to look the part for their partner (and men of course & everyone in between)

• Suddenly February is a really fucking expensive month ( I just wanted a punnet of strawberries, I didn't need to pay an extra quid for the punnet to be heart shaped)

• The pressure put on partners to make the Valentine's day special ( FYI if ya have a date night on the 15th it's like 50% cheaper and a lot more chilled)

• The way it can make a lot of people feel properly shit and unwanted

• The way Galentine's and Palentine's has been introduce to make people feel better

• The OTT gifts ( Since when was a romantic holiday a Valentine's gift?)

• People comparing their V Days

Honestly I could go on forever but I mainly hate how valentines is portrayed now a days.
Or if I'm going with Historic facts, no one ever gave me a St Valentine's Malady to cure my Epilepsy..(maybe I'm bitter about that).

So yeah, I'm not a fan at all but I'm fully here for anyone that's going to celebrate it, like I said before each to their own.

I find Valentine's drills into you that you should only celebrate your partner and your love for them, but lets be real...we all love more than one thing am I right? In reality, it's possible to love ourselves a little more too.

Believe it or not, there are actually some pro's to Valentine's day though! Half price flowers, half price chocolate, half price on pretty much anything the was specifically marketed for valentines day. I personally feel like February 15th is a better day.

I love me a bubble bath and face mask so I'll be doing that tonight.
Love it or hate it, have a fab day.
Emily-May x

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