Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Brunch with Vospers

You know what goes together really well? I don't mean pancakes and coffee but I definitely mean bloggers and brunch. Literally goes hand in hand, add a splash of insta worthy interior and we are there.
I'm a full supporter of every eatery having a brunch menu, I mean, if somewhere only served brunch then that would be my idea of heaven.
Luckily now my sister and I don't live together we regularly catch up over brunch (I know, adulting right!?) we will often find new places to try out around Southampton.
So as you can imagine when the opportunity to go for brunch at *Vospers with the SotonBloggers came about I jumped straight on it. We've visited Vospers before which you can read about here, but this time we were visiting to try out their new brunch menu. I really enjoyed my last experience at Vospers so I was eager to try their new offerings.

Vospers is in a lovely new spot in Woolston Waterside and I definitely can't wait for warmer mornings and weekend brunching down there.
Our visit was purely to give their new brunch menu a bash and it did not disappoint.
All the lovely brunch food you could think about, they have, they even have a few veggie options in there as well as being able to swap out your usual coffee for a fruity smoothie ( I had a rough week so the brunch cocktails were calling me).

I think my biggest issue that morning was choosing between the pancakes and the breakfast muffin, I genuinely got everyone near me help to decided and then wondered to the top of the table to find Alice for the final decision. ( Please never ever ask me to make decisions ).
Everyone said pancakes, so I got the breakfast muffin 😂.

I honestly could not fault the food at all, it all looked delish and mine definitely tasted very good.. I could eat one now to be fair, my only fault would be that all the food came out at different times, I had finished mine by the time Amy across from me got her pancakes which I wasn't a fan of but everyone has teething issues right? Plus we were a fairly big group.
While we were all tucking into our brunch we were sipping away on Mettricks speciality tea and coffee.. although I wasn't sipping tea for that long, I'm not ashamed to say I was first on the mimosas. I wasn't on my own for long, we suddenly had a table full of mimosas and that's what I call a good brunch.
I do think I need to go back to try the pancakes soon though!

Vospers new brunch menu is served from 9:30am - 2pm weekends only, if you get a chance to swing by I definitely would, you can have a little peek at the menu here.

Does that sounds like a good brunch?
Emily-May x

* Complementary experience in exchange for a review, all words are my own, please see disclaimer. 

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