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Supermarine | Pizza, Pasta & Wine

Okay, so I'm finally back from my blogging break to tell you all about *Supermarine, a new establishment in Woolston, Southampton, full of all the carby goodness we all love. Supermarine is all about Pizza, Pasta and Wine, also conveniently located super close to me. I got to go along for an evening here with a group from SotonBloggers to try out the menu and it's safe to say we all left full and happy. Maybe a little tipsy too.

Supermarine is located within a new development in Woolston known as Centenary Quay. Along with Vospers, Supermarine has chosen the keep the Sotonian history going by naming the restaurant after a company that used to build seaplanes in Woolston. There's a nod to the history of this area throughout the interiors.

When we arrived we were greeted, filled with wine and let run free to get all the snaps and have a real good look around. Once everyone had arrived we were told what to expect from the night, which was basically that we were about to eat and drink a good amount of the menu offerings. Obviously we were down with that and couldn't wait to dig in. We were able to try a real variety of the menu, from salads to pizzas and everything in between. 

We all poured some wine and started off light with some Olives and Carasau bread, the bread was super thin and light, the perfect little starter if  you haven't got the biggest appetite.
Next came the wood fired garlic bread, with their fresh in house dough made onsite daily. One chessy and the other plain, I can honestly say it was probably the best I've ever eaten.
Then came the salt grilled King Prawns, I didn't try these as I'm not a seafood fan but the girls did report that they were good.
To finish off the first flurry of food was the Caprese salad, this was a massive hit with everyone and there was not one bit of it left. It was packed full of Local Heritage Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil and finished off with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

After trying the first load of food, we were able to have a little chat while sipping away on our wine although the chat mainly consisted of talking about the dreamy garlic bread, and then food started to appear again.

This time it was pastas. Fresh Ravioli stuffed with Ricotta & Spinach, we had two sets brought to our table so we could try both of the sauce options available on the menu. The first sauce was Butter & Sage and the second was Basil & Tomato. Again they were a hit. Next up was a trusty old fave of mine, Spaghetti Carbonara and of course it was another hit with everyone. Estivo Risotto or The Summer Risotto as it's also known as then arrived, I'm normally a real hearty risotto girl but this one was actually really light and fresh. This one was made with Courgette, Peas, Board Beans, Lemon and Salsa Verde, honestly I wouldn't have picked if off of the menu myself but I'm so glad we tried it because I absolutely loved that one. We then also got to try the Catch of The Day with Pasta, but again it's fishy and I just can't, although Rachel thoroughly enjoyed it, I think it actually ended up being her favourite dish.

Now came the best bit, some of use made our very own pizzas! They literally let me near a giant wood fire and everything.
I was first up to make my own pizza, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't very confident and when I realised I had to shape my own base and even try and pick up the dough myself without dropping it I wasn't even expecting there to be a pizza once I was done. But luckily for me, we had an expert on hand. He showed me how to pick it up, how to shape it and even how to flip it about in the air because apparently for some reason he had confidence in me being able to do that. So, like the good sport I am, I tried but in reality I was just making the biggest mess with the flour ever. Once I had successfully put this pizza together, it was time to transfer it to the wood fire to cook. Like anyone would, I stepped back to let the professional do it, but no,no. I had to transfer the pizza into the giant oven with really long pizza peel, of course I hit the chef while turning but I did it. I made and cooked my very own wood fired pizza, but was too overwhelmed to eat it, so I took it home and ate in bed like any normal 25 year old would do.

Again I had a fabby night with SotonBloggers, the food was incredible, so thank you to the team at Supermarine for looking after us all so well and making it such a fun night.
If you're in there area I would fully recommend popping in to try it out!
I'm sure I'll be back soon.
Emily-May x

* Complimentary experience, please see disclaimer. 

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