Sunday, 3 September 2017

Vospers | Cocktail's And Burgers

One of my favourite things about being involved with SotonBloggers is the opportunities the community gives us, one of the most recent being a visit to *Vospers with the gang. Vospers is a brand new Burger place ran by the front guys at Mettricks. If you know us SotonBloggers well, you'll know we are big fans of Mettricks so of course we were all eager to sample what Vospers had to offer.

Of course we were greeted with big smiles ready to show us around the menu as well as the new restaurant. I love that the new businesses in Woolston/ Centenary Quay have opted to keep the Sotonian history alive, not only by name but by decor too. Looking around the walls of Vospers you can easily spy pictures linking its name to the historic shipbuilding company that was once in the same place.

Once we had all settled down after having a little catch up we were told what we would be doing for the evening. Starting off with a Cocktail Masterclass, a talk through the menu and just having the opportunity to enjoy our night with the team at Vospers looking after us so very well.

When I say Cocktail master class, I don't mean your basic Vodka Rev's cocktail making party. We had a mixologist with us to talk us through every step. He was able to tell us why we were using every item that we did use, what the benefits of certain alcohols were, while showing us the techniques we needed to use to not accidentally drop a whole cocktail shaker over us.
We all got to take turns in making the cocktail, and then enjoy what we had just shaken up for ourselves. And I must add, these were what you would expect from a good cocktail. Not a glass half full of juices, sodas and then a little gin, but beautifully put together ingredients. I won't lie, the cocktails I tried really did have a kick to them, but they should right? I was able to slowly sip away and enjoy the flavours.

Once we had made up our first cocktail it was time to sample the menu. Each burger on the menu also paid tribute to the history of Vospers in Woolston. The burgers are inspired by local produce and it was quite possibly the best burger I've had in a very long time. I feel like burgers can be really over done sometimes, but Vospers has it just right and you can even get your mouth around the bun which is always a plus. I can't be dealing with extra large, extra messy burgers with everything falling out luckily these guys got it just right. There's a real big selection available so obviously it'd be rude for me not to go back and try some others.

Once we had all polished off our meals it was time for another Cocktail Master class, a chance to sit down and have a chat about everything we loved from the evening while enjoying another creation we got to shake up for ourselves.

All in all I had a great evening with SotonBloggers and of course the wonderful guys at Vospers that had us in for the evening and looked after us so well, it was the perfect mid week wind down.
I'll definitely be popping back and you should definitely give Vospers a visit if you're close by.
Emily-May x

* Complementary experience - see disclaimer 

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