Wednesday, 21 June 2017

COSMO Westquay Southampton

There's been a lot going on food wise around Westquay recently with all the new restaurants that have opened up. I've been lucky enough to go to most of the opening nights and even a few reviews in there too. Since the opening of the Westquay South development the area has come alive, so many places to go and eat for any occasion and it was very much needed. Cosmo is one of the new restaurants to open, so when I was offered the chance to pop in and review I was all over it. I had never eaten at a Cosmo before which made me even more excited to try it.

Cosmo is a world buffet restaurant inspired by the best 5 star hotels in the world, with over 150 dishes to choose from. Every cuisine you could think of, you'll probably find there. There's the World of Asia, the Chinese cuisine is broken up into 8 regions with their tasters picking the most authentic dishes to serve. Then there is Teppanyaki & Sushi where you can find some Japanese dishes that are cooked fresh in front of you. Also there is House of Spice, South-East Asian favourites that are made in small batched so they can replenish the food regularly. Next is Continental, basically pizza and pasta which is expertly cooked. Tasting Kitchen is small plates so you can try a little of everything and not get too full, from mini burgers to Greek food. There's a Carvery section, which I probably don't have to explain. There was also a Deli full of little bites like salads and olives, a mini taste of the Med. And to finish it all off there's a Dessert sections, full of little tiny cakes and pancakes.

All sounds pretty great doesn't it? Well, in my opinion it really wasn't great at all. To the point that me and my friend had an extra plate on the table so we could add anything we picked up that we didn't like onto the rejection plate, which turned out to be pretty much everything we did pick out.

I didn't attempt to try the sushi as all that was there was broken and not so fresh looking, nor did I see anyone making it fresh, so we avoided that.
 The website for Cosmo raves about their speciality pizza that you can't leave with out trying, I could have left with out eating it. It really did just taste like stale bread with much more cheese than necessary on it.
I saw the pasta and thought who can't make good pasta? Turns out Cosmo can't. I went for pesto pasta as its my favourite and also a little mac and cheese. The pesto pasta was so old/over done that it actually crunched, mac and cheese was so bland and also over done/old. Straight to the rejection plate for them.
Now, the Chinese that we tried wasn't too bad but could have been better if it was actually warm. Although I did spy fresh shredded duck getting popped out, so I just filled up on duck rolls in the end.

My friend and I went around each section because we wanted to try it all, but we had been so disappointed with the food we had tried we decided to give up before trying everything and go straight to the dessert section. Which is probably the highlight.

There's a pancake making machine that just continuously pops out hot, fresh mini pancakes, a fresh fruit area, a whole load of mini cakes and the best bit was the chocolate fountain. I think the idea was to stand there and dip the things you want into the chocolate..but we didn't want to do that. We found a mini soup bowl and stuck that under the fountain. Best decision we made that night. We then carried on and filled up our plates with all the mini offerings and as many marshmallows we could fit in our hands.

I didn't honestly have the best experience, if you wanted to order another drink while eating it was impossible unless you started with the unlimited fizzy drinks. We couldn't even get any water. The food was a real let down and definitely not 5 star hotel worthy. But maybe we went on a bad day? I guess it's a good place to go in a large group as there is a lot to choose from so there would be something for everyone. I just don't think I will be going back.

Have you ever eaten at Cosmo and had a better experience?
Emily-May x

* Complementary dining experience- see disclaimer 


  1. Oh no! This doesn't sound too appealing! I'd still give it a go if I ever fancied eating but just didn't know what I wanted to go for as they seem to have so many different selection! Shame about the amount of foods you didn't like though! Not going to lie just you saying about the desserts makes me want to go there! Lol <3

    Taylor Jane ox |

    1. I think I'd only go back for the dessert! But you never know, the food might be a little better when you try it x


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