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Skinny Tan | From Pale to Glowy

I know for some people, if they are going to fake tan, they want to be a bronzed goddess. But that's not what I personally go for. As a girl that is paler than the walls of Santorini, fake tan worries me. I can go from ghost to wotsit in a matter of minutes. I was in two minds when *Skinny Tan first got in touch, but they were really helpful with picking out the right products for me.

I saw that a few bloggers I chat to had recently gone along to a Skinny Tan event, and started to share their before and after tan pictures and I couldn't help but comment on how amazing the colour and finish was. I have personally not used fake tan for a while now, as I struggled to find one that didn't streak or look awful on my skin. When Skinny Tan first contacted me, I explained my previous troubles and the fact that I'm so pale and hate going from one extreme the other. But Rosie assured me that there's a tan for everyone. A couple of weeks later, I received a box of products that would best suit my skin tone.  And Rosie was right, there's a tan for all!

In the summer the sun literally reflects off of me, and I really just wanted a subtle glow. Nothing too bronzed or over the top as I also rock ginger hair, lets face it, no ginger tans well and it would just look odd. So I was really eager to give the products a try, here's what I received;

*Pre Tan Primer - Helps to remove any dry or dead skin cells with crushed walnut shell in the formula, it's an absolute game changer and smells incredible. Always use it in the bath or shower and a few hours before its tan time.

*Exfoliating Mitt - Now this mitt is a stroke of genius, it's two sided. Orange side is the exfoliating side which you can pair with the Pre Tan Primer to prepare for a smooth application. Brown side has pro-level dermabrasions to correct any excess tan and help you skip the patchy tan phase.

* Dual Tanning Mitt - I mean, Luxury quality is exactly what it is. When I read that is was a soft velvet mitt I had to double check, and yep, it's super soft! So easy to clean and you don't get tan hands which is always a bonus. It really does make an impact on the tanning application.

* Gradual Tanner - I have to admit, this tan is the one I've been reaching for. It's a white body butter cream with lower levels of natural tanning active, which means you can layer it on day by day until you reach your perfect shade of tan. I personally only use it once, and it gives me that glow I've been looking for, I'm not orange but I'm also not your local friendly ghost. It smells beautiful when you first apply it, but I can't lie, you will end up smelling like the usual fake tan biscuit. But, plus side, your sheets will stay white! I slept in a white Tshirt and it didn't transfer at all.

* 24-Hour Bronzer - Basically makeup in tan disguise. Ever had last minute plans pop up and you haven't had time to tan? Well, this is so handy to have. It washes straight off and has no active tan in there, I'm not going to lie and say I did full body, I just popped it on where my skin was going to be visible and showered when I got home. Hassle free.

As you can tell by the pictures above, I didn't go all out bronzed goddess. Just a little colour to my skin and as I said before, you can build up the *Gradual Tanner which I probably will next time just a little bit now I know it is actually streak free and easy to apply. I think I may have found my go to tan!

Have you tried out any of the Skinny Tan range?
Emily-May x

* This post contains gifted items for the purpose of a review, please see disclaimer.



  1. This looks great, I love subtle products, I'm always afraid of it being harsh on my skin or making me orange. I used to fake tan but it was too much maintenance for me, so I kinda just embrace my pale skin lately lol.. plus, I visit Miami often, so when I go there, I take advantage and tan out on the beach!

    1. I can't catch a tan at all, the subtle glow from this product is just perfect x

  2. I often compare my skin shade to Casper so I usually try and avoid fake tan because I just end up looking like a streaky mess! But I love the colour of this- it looks really natural!
    Robyn //

    1. I also compare to Caspar, this one is just right with the tone 🙌🏼

  3. I saw this brand in Superdrug recently and couldn't help but admire the packaging! I always avoid fake tan as it just never works for me but I'm so keen to try this.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I've avoided it for so long but I think I'll be sticking with skinny tan x

  4. That's an amazing opportunity! :) I haven't tried their products as I usually use another brand but I'm glad it worked well for you!!! I get what you mean, btw, about not wanting to look like am oompa loompa. I'm 4ft7in and a little chubby so god knows I don't need to be orange haha!

  5. I have heard of this brand before! I have never tried their product though. My skin is already tanned so it may not work on me. The packaging is gorgeous! xx corinne


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