Sunday, 12 February 2017

There's More To Love On Valentines Day

Valentines Day has always been full of mixed emotions for some people, I've personally always called it Hallmark Day. We are all fully aware that its a massively commercialised holiday. I mean, brands that make bread are chucking hearts on their packaging for fucks sake. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not one to celebrate this "Holiday", although some people love to celebrate it. Each to their own. 

Valentines can be a ball ache for some people, whether it be because you're single and still looking for the right person, you may have lost the person you love or even be newly single like me and getting all the promotional emails can be like a little gut punch every time, or you could be single and completely okay with it but this big pink day still seems to leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

There's more to think about on valentines day than being someones girlfriend. Top of my list is the half price chocolate! But also, there's more relationships built on love than the first one that pops into your head when you start to hear and see all things lovey dovey. The love you have for your parents, siblings, family, friends and even your beloved pet.

You honestly don't need a man/woman to make you happy just because society wants you to, or that you should be planning your big wedding to the love of your life because that's what Disney made you believe. No, you don't need it, you may want it one day, but don't focus your life on it. There's so much more to life to love than having a partner.

First up is the other relationships built with love. Like your friends, that are there to pick you up when you really need it, or even just to go out and get utterly pissed together because you've all got the weekend off and easily forget how bad your hangovers can be. The weekly whatsapp convos and screen shot galore, life would be boring with out them wouldn't it? 

You have your parents and siblings, no matter what happens in life, their love will always be there and they will always be the first you tell any good news to, plus, they will always be your life cheerleaders. You share so many life moments, whether it be celebrations or supporting each other through tough times. They will never not be there. There's so many more relationships to celebrate that are easily forgotten, like your favourite barista knowing your order when you walk in and not having to say a word. So many relationships, so many different levels of love.

Then, the relationship you have with yourself. Knowing to look after yourself, keeping yourself happy and healthy physically and mentally. Its's so important to love yourself first. Whether it being building your confidence, Learning to be okay on your own. Making sure you live a life you enjoy, that's including your job, there's nothing worse than being in a job that you struggle to get out of bed to go to because you're dreading your day before you even get there. You need to make sure you're taking time for you. Sitting down with your favourite book, going for a little walk or just having time to sit and enjoy a hot drink with your thoughts. 

Your hobbies, something else to love. A way to express yourself and how you're feeling. I personally use blogging as my outlet. I couldn't begin to tell you how many posts I have in my drafts just because I needed to get something off my chest. Some of them, with time, I might go back to and actually hit that publish button. Some of them I may just leave to live as a draft but I might read over them every now and then just to see that the bad and frustrating times DO actually pass. It's healthy to have something to turn to, whether it be baking, drawing or writing. If it helps, and you enjoy it, you should be proud of what you do and love what you can produce.

Valentines doesn't have to be a difficult day because you're not in a relationship, because you have so many other relationships to celebrate and be grateful to have. 

Always love you first.
Emily-May x



  1. Aw this is such a nice post!! There's a lot of people who find it difficult when they shouldn't X

  2. Half price chocolate.. yes gal! Haha.
    Great post lovely, and your photos are fab!

    Terri x

  3. Love this different perspective!x

  4. This is such a great post! I really love it and it's so true x

  5. I love this, it's really different and I reckon a nice lil boost for someone feeling down about Valentines! xo.
    Jord /

  6. This post really spoke out to me, I'm relatively newly single and to be honest I'm not that fussed about Valentine's Day this year! I'm so focused on me right now, my blog, my writing and my happiness that I'm just fine on my own and like you say half price chocolate! Great post, will deffo check out more of your blog x

    1. I am soooo with you on that! Feel like a haven't had the chance to focus on me for so long! Hope you're doing okay x

  7. It's a beautiful post! I loved it! It really spoke to me! xx C&K

  8. Such a beautiful post. Self love is SO important and I think sometimes that can be lost a bit when you enter a new full on relationship. Definitely rings true to me as a single gal on Vday ❤
    C x

  9. This is a great post! It just shows you that you need to love yourself first, and should remember that you have plenty of people who love you too! I am married, but me and my hubby never celebrate Valentine's Day because, like you, we call it a 'Hallmark Holiday'. We both say we don't need a day to show one another how much we love one another, we have 364 other days to do that too!! Xx

    1. It's so true though, if you love someone, you show it all the time. Even with a little gesture x

  10. This is a lovely post, I love my hobby which is my blog (also my boyfriend) but my greatest love is my daughter

    Tasha x


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