Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Top 5 Autumn Lips

I couldn't let autumn pass me by without doing a Top 5 Autumn Lips post could I? Yes, I know pretty much everyone has done one, but I'm yet to see a post that has had the same top picks. I've even come across new brands by reading others posts. We all know as soon as the clocks go back and it's officially autumn the berry lips come out to play.

Wet N Wild - Cherry Bomb 
So this MegaLast lip colour has been getting used a fair bit, it's a semi matte finish, and you only have to put one stroke of the product on the get a good colour. Its claimed to be long lasting, but I think as its a deep colour you can tell when the product is wearing down. I find a lot of matte lipsticks can be very drying, but this little beauty has added vitamins and other little treats to help battle drying lips.

MAC - Diva 
This is one of the most known matte lipsticks, But whats a top picks without a MAC lippy in there? Also one of the darker colours I have, it's just the right amount of burgundy to red, not too dark, not too bright. Diva is very good at bleeding if you don't have liner on, other than that, its a fave.

Chanel - 97 Incandescente
Who doesn't love a good red?  This Chanel lippy glides on so smoothly and leaves such a vibrant colour, it doesn't bleed , it stays in place and it's long lasting. Its not a heavy lipstick which means its kind to your lips. Always a plus this time of year.

Urban Decay - Plaid
This colour is one from the Gwen Stefani collection, I won't lie, I went a bit mad when this collection came out and purchased as much as I could before it went out of stock. This lippy was one of my first UD purchases and its an absolute gem! Plaid is a sheer creamy finish and it sits so perfectly. It's just the right shade for a day to day berry, not too much on the dark side which I love.

Topshop - The Damned
With a satin matte finish this colour is most definitely a buildable one. Using just one application can look like just a tint of colour, so that makes it easy for you to build up to the finish you want. Also has nourishing and hydrating benefits to it, which like I've said before, really handy this time of year.

So there's my top five, what have you been using?
Emily-May xo


  1. I love that TopShop lipstick! Also your fairy lights are SO cute!

    1. The Topshop one is lovely isn't it? Fairy lights are from primark! Xx


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