Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Me Time Matters

It's easy to forget the little things sometimes which I've noticed while being off work for the last week. I had everything planned, I was going to write a shit tonne of blog posts, get them all ready and scheduled, I was going to completely gut my room, have a clear out and restart. The list goes on. But you know what I did? Absolutely nothing that was on my to do list. And you know why? Because I needed some time for me.

Every now and then, you do just have to take a step back and relax. Ignore the list of  'to dos', have a coffee, have a bubble bath or catch up on your favourite TV shows because me time matters. There's always going to be something that needs doing or something on your mind and it can get a little much sometimes, always remember you come first.

I was planning on writing all these blog posts ready to schedule for the month but when it came to actually sitting down and doing it, my head wasn't there with me. There is nothing worse than a forced blog post. I want to love what I write and enjoy reading it again, not just put it out there and hope for the best. So I packed away my laptop for the week, apart from when online shopping needed to be done obviously.

I spent the rest of my week having days out with friends, seeing my partner, last minute coffee trips, and even just having lazy days and lounging in my pyjamas or the odd bubble bath. All of that was just what I needed, a week away from work and responsibilities, a week just for me and I feel so good for it.

It's super important to remember that me time matters because if you're not looking after yourself, no one else will.

Emily-May xo


  1. Me time is so important, lovely post!

  2. So true!! Very good post with an important message for everyone :) x

    1. Oh thank you! everyone needs a reminder every now and then xo


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