Sunday, 6 November 2016

Casa Brasil // Southampton

 Every couple of weeks, a group of friends and I meet for dinner and a catch up. We are the most unorganised bunch of people and can never choose where to go; Literally takes us a week to decide and even then it can change on the day. Casa Brasil was the final decision this time, it's an all you can eat Rodizio and bar, the perfect place to create food babies. 

The Rodizio experience is well worth it, unlimited trips to the gourmet salad bar which includes traditional Brazilian dishes. There's something for everyone, hot and cold dishes, chips to fish. We were in our element. You have a card on your table, one side red the other green. Once you're settled at your table with drinks and a plate you turn the card to green.

As soon as your card is green you're greeted by Passadores (meat chefs) at your table. Each Passadore has a different barbecued cut of meat, each seasoned differently. They will arrive with a massive skewer, carve the meat on your table, all you have to do is say yes or no to the meat, and be ready with your tongs to take your cut if you wanted some.

When you feel that you're ready to pop, turn your card to red and you will no longer have Passadores coming to your table. But that doesn't mean its over, you can just have a break then pop it back on green when you're ready.

Once your card is red and someone has cleared your table a tray of desserts available on that night will appear, your waiter will explain each dessert to you and you can then choose what you would like, and they will come straight back to the table with a fresh dessert!

The atmosphere in Casa Brasil is great. Everyone takes time to chat to you, check your enjoying yourself. It's a really fun place to be, specially if it's for a celebration. If you're there for your birthday, prepare yourself. Because out comes the guitar, drums and singing, so fun to watch.

We had a great night but really suffered with food babies!

Emily-May xo

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