Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Freakshakes Event - Orange Rooms

Some people think Southampton is pretty dull but I love my city. It might be a bit dodgy at times but who doesn't have a local nuthead? And if you're thinking to yourself 'Nope, my city doesn't' then I'm afraid it's you. Soz.
We're pretty lucky here in Southampton, we've got so much development going on in the city. I'm hearing about new restaurants daily. Which is great because I love all things edible, (But not if it's good for you). As much as all these new and exciting restaurants are something to look forward to, you can't beat trusty old Orange Rooms.

So I, along with a group of bloggers went to the 'Freakshake' event set up by Soton Bloggers.
I spend most of my time meeting new faces, gossiping with old faces and just drooling over food and decor. Orange Rooms really is a hidden daytime gem, it's pretty chill in there.

Okay, let me just catch you up on a freakshake, if you don't already know what they are. In simple terms, they are monster milkshakes. A flavour of your choice, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, in a jam jar. Then depending on what flavour you choose, decides what goes on top, a muffin, doughnut or jam tarts. They are then topped off with cream and sauce. Sound's sickly as hell right? To my surprise they weren't actually that bad, they were just right and they also had dairy free options!

Myself and Rachel thought it would be a great idea to eat before the milkshakes, you know, to line the stomach ready for the stupid amount of calories we were all about to drink/eat/drop on ourselves. The the food was so great, the Nacho Chicken Strips were probably my favourite. Although their Dirty Mac was even better. Obviously with a side of Tiger Fries (sweet potato fries and normal fries together) I hope who ever thought of that was given a 'good job' sticker.

All in all, it was a great day. We left with our sweet tooth extremely satisfied and I'm pretty sure we worked off some of the calories with the amount of laughing we were doing. So thank you to Soton Bloggers and Orange Rooms for hosting us and arranging such a great event!

Emily-May xo

All photos provided by the lovely Rachel over on

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